Jan Hillert

Dr Hillert is a professor of neurology at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm Sweden and consultant in neurology at the Karolinska Univeristy Hospital since 2001 where he also holds the position as Director of research and Education. Dr Hillert’s special interest, both clinically and in research, is multiple sclerosis (MS). In 1995 he started what in 2000 became the national Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Registry, SMSreg, one of the leading MS regsitries witt currently over 80 % of prevalent MS patients in Sweden assessed, at an average for over 7 years. Starting in the late 1980:ies Dr Hillert focused on the genetics of MS and contributed to what eventually became a success story with over 200 MS loci discovered through the joint efforts of the International MS Genetics Consortium. In recent years, his research efforts have moved into other aspects of MS epidemiology including pharmacoepidemiology and health economics and outcomes research, in MS. An important aim for Dr Hillert is the development of registries within MS and neurology in general and international collaboration between such registries and data bases, such as in the Big MS Data initiative. Dr Hillert has published over 260 original papers.

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